“Reading Deluze” Douglas Ord

You are invited to the 1st Research in Progress Talk 2012-2013
“Reading Deleuze”
By Douglas Ord

When: Monday, March 18, 2013 at 1 pm
Where: Portable PO2, left side of the Parker Building
In the preface to the 1994 English translation of Différence et répétition (1968), as the first book in which he “tried to ‘do philosophy’” rather than address its history, Gilles Deleuze
(1925-1995) wrote the following:  “We try to speak in our own name only to learn that a proper name designates no more than the outcome of a body of work – in other words, the concepts discovered, on condition that we were able to express these and imbue
them with life using all the possibilities of language.”

This talk will consider some of “the possibilities of language” that Deleuze himself used, both alone and in joint authorship with the radical psychoanalyst Félix Guattari, toward expressing the concepts that he and they had “discovered” and sought to “imbue … with life.” In doing so,
it will also necessarily consider some of these concepts and how they are framed, suggesting a dynamic tension between the systematizing impulse of a “pure metaphysician,” such as Deleuze styled himself, and an aphoristic impulse linked to Friedrich Nietzsche, as a philosopher whom Deleuze admired.

*The Research in Progress series is a joint initiative between students of PhD in Human Studies and M.A. Humanities, with the support of the ICIRHS and the CHRC.

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