Distinguished Musicians to Give Talk at Laurentian’s School of Education

Two of Canada’s outstanding musicians, composer-conductor Brian
Current and composer Brian Harman, will be giving a public talk at
Laurentian’s School of Education on Friday, March 22, from 10 to 11:30
am, in Room 305.

Current will discuss the role of the conductor in orchestras and
ensembles, while Harman will address the challenges for both the
composer and the conductor in premiering a new work.

Current, who directs the Royal Conservatory of Music’s New Music
Ensemble in Toronto, is considered one of the leading musicians of his
generation. As a conductor, he has championed a wide range of
contemporary repertoire as well as giving the premieres of
commissioned works of eminent composers.

Harman is a highly regarded composer whose music has been performed in
Canada, the US, Europe, and Japan. An Associate Composer of the
Canadian Music Centre, Harman holds a Doctorate in Musical Composition
from McGill University and is Composer-in-Residence of Ensemble
Portmantô in Montreal.

This event is held in collaboration with 5-Penny New Music Concerts,
the Centre for Humanities Research and Creativity (CHRC) & the
Department of Music of Laurentian University.

Contact: Robert Lemay
E-mail: rlemay@laurentian.ca